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As the holiday season comes to an end, it’s time for our beloved elf on the shelf to say goodbye. Writing a goodbye letter from your elf can be a wonderful way to create lasting memories and add an extra touch of magic to your holiday traditions. In this article, we will provide you with a variety of elf goodbye letter templates, as well as tips and ideas to help you create a heartfelt and memorable farewell from your elf.

Why Use an Elf Goodbye Letter Template?

Using an elf goodbye letter template can make the process of writing a farewell letter from your elf much easier and more efficient. Templates provide a structure and guidance, ensuring that you cover all the important elements in your letter. They also save you time and effort, as you can simply fill in the blanks or customize the template to suit your needs. Additionally, using a template can help you express your thoughts and emotions more effectively, especially if you’re not sure where to start or how to phrase certain sentiments.

What to Include in an Elf Goodbye Letter

When writing an elf goodbye letter, there are a few key elements that you may want to include:

  • The elf’s name
  • A personalized greeting
  • A mention of the length of the elf’s visit
  • Positive reinforcement for good behavior
  • Expressions of gratitude and appreciation
  • Encouragement to continue being kind and well-behaved
  • A reminder of the magic of the holiday season
  • A farewell message
  • A signature from the elf

Elf Goodbye Letter Template Examples

Here are a few examples of elf goodbye letter templates that you can use as a starting point:

Template 1:

Dear [Child’s Name],

It’s time for me, [Elf’s Name], to return to the North Pole. I’ve had such a wonderful time with you this holiday season! I hope you enjoyed all the magical moments we shared together. You have been such a kind and well-behaved child, and I’m so proud of you!

Remember, the magic of the holiday season is always with you, even when I’m not here. Keep spreading joy, love, and kindness to everyone you meet. I’ll be watching from the North Pole and looking forward to visiting you again next year!

With love,

[Elf’s Name]

Template 2:

Dear [Child’s Name],

As the holiday season comes to an end, it’s time for me, [Elf’s Name], to say goodbye. It has been an incredible adventure being your elf on the shelf! I’ve seen how kind, generous, and caring you are, and I want you to know how proud I am of you.

Although I won’t be physically with you anymore, I’ll always be in your heart, spreading the magic of Christmas. Remember to always believe in the power of dreams and the joy of giving. Keep being the amazing person you are, and I’ll see you next year!

With warmest wishes,

[Elf’s Name]

Tips for Writing an Elf Goodbye Letter

Here are some tips to help you write a heartfelt and memorable elf goodbye letter:

  • Personalize the letter by using the child’s name and the elf’s name.
  • Include specific examples of the child’s good behavior or acts of kindness.
  • Add a touch of magic and whimsy to the letter by mentioning special moments or adventures shared with the elf.
  • Express gratitude for the child’s love and belief in the magic of Christmas.
  • Keep the tone positive, encouraging, and uplifting.
  • Consider adding a small farewell gift or token from the elf to make the letter even more special.


Writing a goodbye letter from your elf can be a cherished tradition that creates lasting memories for your family. By using an elf goodbye letter template and following the tips provided in this article, you can easily craft a heartfelt and magical farewell message from your elf. Remember, even though your elf may be leaving, the spirit of the holiday season and the joy it brings will always remain in your hearts.

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